Animal living rules

Animal living rules in hotel “Nivki”

1) Only small and medium-sized dogs and cats are recognized as pets at the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to determine whether it is possible for this pet to stay in the room.

2) The guest is obliged to bring special dishes with them for feeding pets.

3) For the toilet of cats the guest is obliged to bring with him a special tray.

4) It is strictly forbidden to feed pets from dishes belonging to the hotel.

5) In the absence of a special cage for a pet, it is prohibited to leave pets unattended by the owners in the hotel’s room, building lobby, on the hotel’s territory.

6) The guest is obliged to ensure the absence of a pet during the cleaning of the room by the hotel staff or carrying out repairs in the room.

7) The guest is obliged to pay 300 (three hundred) hryvnia per day.

Pets are not allowed in the “Economy room» category.

Damage caused by animals to the hotel is compensated separately from the cost of living in full, according to the invoice.