Basic rules of hotel etiquette

Etiquette in modern society is more a way to show respect for others, than strictly accepted social foundations. At the same time, for comfortable interaction with society, it is necessary to adhere to simple, but at the same time important rules of behavior. And we would like to remind our distinguished guests that our hotel also has its own rules for staying at the hotel.

Recommendations from the administration

The priority task of the management of the hotel “Nivki” is to maximize the level of comfort of each guest. That is why, in order to avoid inconvenience, we recommend to study the rules of staying at the hotel before booking a room and checking into it.

  • The use of tobacco products in the room is unacceptable, and the smoker may be fined in the amount of 500 UAH.
  • Animals Check in the room with animals is made with the condition of additional payment (300 UAH / day). (It is prohibited to live with animals in the Economy room category).


  • Guests have the opportunity to contact the administrator about the provision of a cot in the room (absolutely free);
  • there is the possibility of ordering extra beds in the room (cost – 200 UAH);
  • You can only extend your hotel stay until 12:00 (estimated time) if there are free places at the time of the request.

Entry / departure Early arrival is the period from 06:00 to 12:00 (in this case, half of the daily cost of the room is paid). Late check-out is considered to be left until 6:00 pm (half of the daily rate is also paid).

Taxes In connection with the current legislation of Ukraine, when settling in a room, a tourist fee should be paid (domestic tourism – 16.69 UAH per person per day, inbound tourism – 41.73 UAH person / day).

The rules of living in the hotel “Nivki” are mostly recommendations, compliance with which will allow you to spend time with comfort and without inconvenience.

We hope you enjoy your stay at our hotel and welcome to the Nivki Hotel.