Hotel for large groups in Kiev

Kiev and hotels are two sides of the same coin. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people come to the capital for various reasons: work, leisure, events and more. And the last thing each of them would like to deal with is to give a significant part of the funds allocated for a trip to temporary housing.

Often in such cases, when considering options, the browser search line is divided into two types:
-Kiev hotel;
-Kiev hostel.

And among the representatives of various institutions there are good ones, but there are not very good ones. And no less often, the choice is in favor of hostels, given the “attractive prices” and “portable living conditions.”

Cheap Kiev hotels

Today, there are both expensive hostels and inexpensive hotels with an almost imperceptible difference in terms of comfort level.

Hotel “Nivki” will destroy the stereotypical opinion and is ready to offer all the conditions for accommodating large groups who come to Kiev to attend cultural and sports events, as well as visiting tourists.

We have extensive experience in solving such issues and a sufficient number of rooms, designed for several people (up to three). Nivki is a three-star hotel in Kiev, which seeks to make your stay in the capital as comfortable as possible.
Booking rooms for large groups with us, you will not only save money, but also learn what a truly high-quality service is, since we also have 2 large free parking lots that are guarded around the clock and can accommodate large buses.