What determines the number of stars of the hotel?

Despite the fact that every modern person has at his disposal at least one device with Internet access, most still have no idea on what principle is determined by the star hotel. Despite the fact that there is still no single global classification (each region has its own characteristics), we will tell you what determines the number of stars in a hotel within our region.

One star

Such institutions are used solely for the sake of fulfilling the need for sleep. In this case, waiting for you: the same type of rooms, a meager list of services provided, and cleaning in the rooms only in the designated days. From the furniture – only necessary (beds, chairs, wardrobes for clothes), and in some cases the room does not always have a separate bathroom.

Two stars

A small variety of rooms (up to two types). With a minimum list of services provided, in contrast to the previous version, there is already a daily cleaning service, and every room has a shower. In general, the situation is similar to its predecessor, except that there is a bar and breakfast.

Three stars

A 3-star hotel is a sufficient variety of room types (for one, for two, and so on). The set of services includes: housekeeping, breakfast, the presence of a mini-bar. Amenities include a private TV, a fridge, and a separate shower. At such hotels, there is usually a restaurant, round-the-clock guarded parking, transfer, additional laundry and ironing services.

Four stars

Standard list of services for two-time cleaning of the room. Such hotels are ready to provide a whole list of special services (massage, spas, restaurants or bars, entertainment centers). The room necessarily includes such amenities as a mini-bar, beds with orthopedic mattresses, toilet sets, a safe place to store things (safe) and hotel clothes (slippers, bathrobes).

Five Stars

In addition to an extensive range of services, these hotels also offer exclusive offers: a helipad, personal servants, etc. From the doorstep of the hotel, the client’s baggage is collected and delivered directly to the room. The room offers you the maximum amount of amenities (satellite or digital TV, a diverse and roomy mini-bar, an Internet access point, etc.). Spa, gyms, swimming pools and other luxury services are also included.

In general, the star hotel today – is determined by the price.

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