Services at the hotel “Nivki”

Quality service is a key attribute of any service establishment. Hotels are also not on the list of exceptions. Today, the services provided in hotels should cover a number of customer needs (in addition to the removal and room service):
• travel to the hotel;
• a place for personal transportation;
• establishment of public catering;
• clothing care.
The administration of the hotel “Nivki” knows that the services in hotels should correspond to the quality of the capital level and offer to get acquainted with the services offered by our hotel.

People who came to Kiev on their own cars, are very familiar with the nuances of parking in the capital and its value. But this is not a problem, because for our customers there are two guarded parkings operating around the clock. A nice addition is that parking is completely free for guests.

Tourists who do not know the city can take advantage of the free shuttle service. From Monday to Saturday, there is a transport from the hotel that picks up guests at the Nyvky metro station and delivers straight to the hotel.

Clothing care
Upon arrival in Kiev, the last thing that will excite the hotel guest is the care of their belongings. Therefore, it is possible for our guests to order laundry and ironing. The order will be accepted and executed within a couple of hours, while visitors can relax or go about their own business.

Services in hotels also imply the availability of their own cuisine on site. Therefore, for our visitors a varied menu of traditional Ukrainian and European dishes has been compiled. No desire to leave the room in the morning? Especially for such cases is available free delivery of breakfast in the room.

Hotel services should cover the whole range of customer needs and the administration of the hotel “Nivki” will make sure that your stay with us is as comfortable as possible. Order the number now and see the quality of the service in person.